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Santa Monica Area Injury Attorneys

At Ehline Law Firm PC, our vastly seasoned, veteran Santa Monica personal injury attorneys have seen many tragic and life threatening scenarios hit their town in the past few recent years. This seaside city is wrought with catastrophic and life alerting events for residents, and tourists alike. Injury victims typically include those seriously burdened with disabilities after being caught up in physically harmful events caused from another person not paying attention, or neglecting their duty of reasonable care towards their fellow man. The West Side personal injury victim needs the confidence of knowing that he or she retained a dashing local attorney, who understands the local court and jury pool scene.
And a "down and out" individual needs the positive, and inspiring leadership that only a truly brilliant and magnificent counselor can bring. We strive hard to bring our A+ game, and dynamism that has helped us build a reputation second to none in the legal and victim's communities alike. That's Ehline Law Firm PC. An earned reputation for making it happen.

When Should I Call a Santa Monica Lawyer For a Consultation?

When to retain counsel depends upon how bad you were injured, and when you were injured. If your damages are less than $7,500.00, you may be better off filing your lawsuit in small claims court.  If you suffered a fatality in your family from someone else's negligence, or a brain injury, for example, you'll need to retain a personal injury lawyer sooner than later!

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