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Santa Monica is a great, West Side city in Los Angeles County, with many crowded streets, sidewalks and alleys, such as those located near and at the Third Street Promenade.  Motorcycle accidents in this crowded city are different than the other types of enclosed vehicle motor vehicle accidents. There are many distractions due to all of the commerce, Pier, and other high traffic areas that make it more difficult for a rider to be observed by traditional motor car drivers.

Since bikers are not protected as well as cars, there are horrendous types of injuries that can be sustained by a wayfarer. Hiring a superior motorcycle accident attorney is vital to the injured victim, or family that has suffered the death or devastating physical and mental harm to their loved one(s).


Motorcycle Wreck In SM?

Motorcycle accidents are not the type of crash that every personal injury attorney understands, since each one is different and so are the injuries that occur.The injuries can be extremely serious, because the motorcycle rider does not have the protections the vehicle driver does, and Ehline Law Firm understands this. They have knowledge of the mechanical aspects of two wheeled, motorized vehicles, and the experience needed to represent the injured victim, or family, and we are world renowned personal injury lawyers.

How Ehline Law Law Makes Experience Count

Ehline law firm PC, represents every Santa Monica, California, motorcycle accident victim to the best of their ability, using all of the resources necessary and using their experience to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible. How our attorneys use their experience:

  • Investigating the cause of the wreck scene, including a reconstruction when necessary.
  • Photographs will be taken of the mishap location, of the bike, and the victim’s injuries.
  • Contacting the insurance company to acquire policy information that can show available benefits that could be available for the injured rider.
  • Testimony by experts in the reconstruction of the unfortunate event, medical experts and other testimony pertinent to the insurance or direct party claim.
  • Statements by witnesses to the wrack-up will be collected.

These are important parts of putting together the motorcycle accident claim, whether it is a fender bender, or a more serious matter like a fatality or permanent immobilization. This goes along with expertise in determining the severity of the injuries sustained, ongoing medical care, loss of work, pain and suffering.

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Determining the Santa Monica Motorcycle Accident Claim’s Worth

Each motorcycle accident is different, which means the injuries are different, in some cases the injured rider sustains cuts, scrapes and even broken bones, while in other cases the rider is severely injured and suffers traumatic head injuries or is fatally injured. The injuries and other factors are used by our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys.

The factors that will be investigated include:

  • Medical costs that occurred due to the accident.
  • Pain and suffering from the injuries, permanent disabilities lasting symptoms and scaring. Compensation recovered for the victim for in this area of the legal claim will depend on the experience of their attorney.
  • Loss of wages, future earnings when applicable to the case and can include overtime and other benefits.
  • Damage to the motorcycle and other items, include the helmet and protective clothing.

The Santa Monica Ehline Law Firm will aggressively pursue the insurance company when necessary advises their injured clients not to speak with the negligent drivers insurance company that will try to settle for a much lower amount. They will also attempt to get statements from the injured motorcycle rider that they can use against them to either reduce the amount of compensation or to pay no compensation. From stack-ups, to single, two wheeled vehicles falling in a ditch, construction zone, or pothole, plaintiffs can be obsessed by the intricacies of recovery of compensation when they don’t have a knowledgable assistant taking charge of their case.  And the time that it will take to settle the legal claim will be just as unique as the person hurt, and the types of harm suffered.

Getting a Professional Legal Aid

The one thing that does not change, is that the injured victim needs the representation of an experienced, world class legal representative. Our firm has a proven, un-beatable track record for winning the best possible recovery and cash settlements for the under-dog rider who is out of commission. For a consultation with an Ehline Law Firm attorney call 888-400-9721.